CDO: Version 1.6.6 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida about 8 years ago

New operators:
  • outputtab: table output
Fixed bugs:
  • option -t table: segmentation fault if parameter table entry longname is missing
  • merge: check number of timesteps [Bug #5338]
  • seasmean: sets all time_bnds to the same values [Bug #5329]
  • histcount: doesn't recognize missing values
  • filesdes: doesn't work for GRIB2 files [Bug #5307]

CDI: Version 1.6.6 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida about 8 years ago

New features:
  • IEG: added support for coordinate scale factor
Fixed bugs:
  • table::decodeForm1: missing longname results in Abort trap
  • transpose2dArrayXX: wrong result
  • cgribexScanTimestep1: set flag to 0 in call to cgribexVarCompare()
  • netCDF: call set_validrangeDP() in cdfReadVar()
  • netCDF: call cdfDoInputDataTransformation() if have missvals

CDO: Version 1.6.5 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 8 years ago

New operators:
  • distgrid: distribute horizonal grid
  • collgrid: collect horizontal grid
Changed operators:
  • cat: added support for option -O (overwrite existing output file)
  • remaplaf: changed calculation of weights from SCRIP to YAC
Fixed bugs:
  • gridarea: added support for concave grid cells
  • gradsdes: added support for option 365_day_calendar
  • import_binary: option 365_day_calendar does not work
  • select: wrong result when select only one timestep

CDI: Version 1.6.5 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 8 years ago

New features:
  • NetCDF: single precision input
  • netCDF4: added support for xtype NC_STRING
  • added CDI function gribapiLibraryVersion(major_version, minor_version, revision_version) [Feature #5043]
  • gribapiEncode: update additional keys defined with vlistDefVarXXXKey() [Feature #4720]
  • added vlistDefVarProductDefinitionTemplate() to define GRIB2 Product Definition Template Number [Feature #4694]
  • streamWriteVarF, streamWriteVarSliceF: added support for GRIB1 (cgribex)
  • grib2: activate jpeg support in combination with masks (missing values)
Fixed bugs:
  • listDestroy(): set resHListSize=0 [Bug #5058]
  • NetCDF: Reading uuidOfVGrid [Bug #5046]

CDI: Version 1.6.4 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 8 years ago

New features:
  • Added support for SPECS forecast time axis
  • Added support for GRIB_API key cfName
Fixed bugs:
  • netCDF4 classic: existing files are converted to netCDF4 - classic flag is lost
  • netCDF: added support for opendap files by https:
  • gribapiDefDateTimeRel: set vdate to rdate for time invariant fields [Bug #4641]
  • Loss of coordinates attribute when merging files [Bug #4880]

Integration: New features of the Web Evaluation System

Added by Oliver Kunst over 8 years ago

Dear MiKlippers!

We are happy to announce several new features of the evaluation system.

The new features at a short glance:
  • Adding a title to your results
  • Writing and leaving notes and comments belonging to the results.
  • The tool's repository version is saved in the history.
  • Developers can easily issue error messages and warnings.

Adding a title to your results

We put our hands on the result section to improve your workflow.
When you love tabbed browsing you certainly know the confusion
looking for a specific result between several tabs showing the same tool name.

Now, you can add a caption to your results page acting as title. On the result
page you find the button "add caption" which allows you to set a title for your
results. When you mark the "default" option, this caption will be shown to
everyone. We recommend to set a default caption before you share your

You can also set the caption when starting a tool. Therefore a new field "caption"
appears at the bottom of the web interface. An "analyze --caption 'my genius title' --tool ...."
does the same from command line.

Writing and leaving notes and comments belonging to the results

A new section appears in the results called "Notes". There you can leave comments,
remarks and short notes. You can choose whether the comment should be private and
only be seen by yourself or if you would like to share this comment with the other
MiKilp members.

For team work a strategy could be to share the results after setting a caption
and gather the feedback in the notes section. Feel free to play around with the new

The tool's repository version is saved in the history

Since all the tools underlying a lively development process, it could be hard to
reproduce some old results with new tool versions. The version management system git
keeps track of all the versions. Recently, the system stores the repository and git version
of your tool in the history. If you would like to know which version you used for an experiment
take a look to the configuration section of the results. The button "Additional Information"
reveals the version.

Developers can easily issue error messages and warnings

Last but not least we implemented a feature for developers to issue warnings and
error messages. When discovering a bug you probably would like to inform users that there
is an issue you are working on or even worse you have to shut down a tool
while fixing a severe bug. Please, contact us if you would like to use the option to
issue error messages and warnings and see also:


CDO: Version 1.6.4 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 8 years ago

New features:
  • Option --history: Do not append to netCDF "history" global attribute
  • Option --netcdf_hdr_pad <nbr>: Pad netCDF output header with nbr bytes
New operators:
  • setpartabn: set parameter table by name
  • setpartabp: set parameter table by parameter ID
  • sealevelpressure: sea level pressure
Changed operators:
  • Sinfo: changed format of grid and zaxis section
  • Filter: disable zero-padding
  • diff: print number of different values
  • Ymonstat: sorts output by month of year
Fixed bugs:
  • eof3d: set sum of weights to 1
  • eofcoeff: remove scaling with grid cell area weights
  • eofcoeff3d: remove scaling with grid cell area weights

Integration: Web Evaluation System ... next Steps

Added by Christopher Kadow over 8 years ago

Dear Users,

since the first announcement of the web-page
we developed many new features to support you and
your work-flow.

First of all, our powerful solr_search tool to find data
has got an online representation. It's named "data-browser"
in the main menu and you can locate more than 4 million
NetCDF files through a comfortable interface.

Are you annoyed of some results in your history you would like
to get rid of? Now, the web-page offers a delete button to hide
these results. To guarantee the scientific reproducibility you
can recover these results whenever you like.

Now, the system also supports to share your results with others.
Via the share button on the results page you can easily choose
MiKlip members to receive an email containing a link to your

Last, but not least, we established a guest account with
restricted permissions. With the user "guest" and
password "miklip" you will get a guided tour through
the web-page showing all important features.

Then we are working on several small parts to improve the system and
listen carefully to the users. E.g. the system has now the possibility
to add informations about "what you see on it" directly to the plots.
An Example you find already in the ETCCDI and Monsoon tool.

If you have suggestions how2improve the system, write us!

CDO: Version 1.6.3 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida almost 9 years ago

New features:
  • remapbil, remapbic, remapdis, remapnn: performance optimization for regular 2D source grids
  • gradsdes: added support for GRIB files >2GB
  • eca_csu: added number of csu periods with more than 5days per time period
  • eca_cfd: added number of cfd periods with more than 5days per time period
  • expr: select variables by name
Changed operators:
  • gradsdes: added parameter map_version and removed specific operators gradsdes1 and gradsdes2
Fixed bugs:
  • gradsdes: changed LCC to LCCR in PDEF definition [Bug #4344]
  • cat: "Segmentation fault" if the output file already exist [Bug #4291]
  • delete: parameter level does not work [Bug #4216]

Integration: Web of the Evaluation System -

Added by Christopher Kadow about 9 years ago

News from 30.01.2014

We are happy to announce that the evaluation system is available on the world wide web, now.
Under [sic!] you find the very first (beta)
version of the web based interface to the evaluation system.

The web page offers you all the opportunities of the evaluation system. It
provides an interface to the tools and allows you to start the tools in
a scheduler and watch their progress.

Old runs of the evaluation system can be viewed in the history and you can
comfortably browse a preview of the results. It is worth to mention that
you can access all your runs started with the evaluation system. The system
makes no difference whether the runs have been started with the web interface
or by using the shell.

There is a first documentation of the MurCSS tool and direct access to this wiki.

To access the full functionality of you have to login
with your DKRZ credentials to the web page.


Also available in: Atom