Blue-Action: Blue-Action TO DOs 10 December 2018

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 4 days ago

Dear all,

Item 1: Have you uploaded your presentations given in Almada? Please check /(Ref:Chiara Bearzotti, DMI)
We have a deliverable to write as "minutes" of this internal meeting. Chiara needs to have all materials available on this NEW redmine page:
Please use this NEW page to upload all the presentations/photos/business canvas materials circulated at the meeting.
Chiara has opened a NEW "issue" page for these presentations and removed them from the wiki page.
Why we have removed the presentations from the wiki? Because of the following:
  • Contents in the "WIKI": are accessible without redmine login.
  • Contents in the "Issues" are accessible only with redmine login.
    If you do not find your presentation in this "issue" page, please upload it again. Chiara had to transfer files in a rush and might have forgotten something.
    Please check again!

Item 2: We are still recruiting a WP8 leader / (Ref: Lindsay Vare, SRSL)
Blue-Action is hiring! Strong team player for leading our WP8 Communication Dissemination Engagement and Exploitation
Vacancy text:
Please share with your teams and networks.

Item 3: Recently published report from the UK Parliament Environmental Audit Committee / (Ref: Stuart Cunningham, SAMS)

It covers:
  • Environmental changes in the arctic, with a focus on plastics.
  • UK Arctic research and funding
  • UK’s relationship with the Arctic (with a section specifically about Scotland’s arctic policy)
  • Commercialisation of the Arctic
Highlights around Research related to the UK Arctic research and funding:
The UK is the fourth largest producer of Arctic research papers in the world and operates an Arctic research station in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard. However, the Committee believes that the UK’s research approach needs to evolve to reflect the complexity of social and environmental change in the Arctic. The Committee recommends:
  • UK Arctic research is world leading but it is disappointing that its infrastructure in the Arctic is modest compared to Antarctica. BEIS should significantly increase funding for Arctic research infrastructure and the Government should outline a plan for doing so.
  • The framework for Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) programmes should be expanded to provide the same level of coordinated research for other important emerging issues.
  • To remain a world-class leader in Arctic research, the UK will need to move towards a multidisciplinary approach, which includes the social sciences and brings research together from across research councils.
  • The Government should allocate specific funds for an Arctic project within UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) which would enable collaboration between the Economic and Social, Arts and Humanities and Natural Environment Research Council.
  • There is uncertainty about UK research funding post-Brexit. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office should make the case for securing funding for Arctic research to the Treasury and to BEIS. The UK should seek the current level of collaboration and coordination with the EU when negotiating its future relationship.

All the best!

Blue-Action: Blue-Action news 21 November 2018

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We got the news for you:

1) Do not miss the Webstreaming on 22 November 2018 at 3-6 pm Finnish time "Session on Climate Services at the Colloquium of the Finnish Society for Environmental Social Sciences (YHYS), University of Lapland: Two Blue-Action case studies (Finnish tourism and Arctic shipping routes) represented at this event and inputs from the scientists of H2020 projects EU-MACS and MARCO.
Access the webstreaming: “enter as a guest”.
More about this event in the redmine:
Big thank you to Ilona Mettiäinen, the organiser of this session!

2) New delivery dates approved WP1, WP3, WP4, WP8
New delivery dates for the following:
• WP3: D3.1, D3.2, D3.3, D3.5
• WP4: D4.2, D4.3, D4.4
• Milestones 8 and 9 (related to WP3 and WP4)
• WP8: D8.8, D8.13
• WP1: D1.1
We have to change now the Description of the action accordingly, so a new amendment will be started.
Chiara will update the overall table tomorrow morning:

3) JPI Oceans has just launched a new call for research proposals on microplastics in the marine environment (attached). Deadline: 28 February 2019. In one of the four themes of the call, proposals are asked to: “Contribute to ocean literacy by raising of public and citizen awareness about the problem of plastic pollution thereby inducing behavioural change.”
For this call funding partners from Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden have allocated a total amount of up to € 9.2 million funding. In addition, researchers based in other countries are able to participate with their own resources. The announcement of the call can be found on the JPI Oceans website. Through this new call, JPI Oceans is also aiming to promote European and transatlantic research cooperation on the issue, and contribute to the Regional Seas Conventions, to the implementation of the Belém Statement as well as G7, G20 and UN aims of reducing (micro-) plastic pollution in the ocean.

4) Belmont Forum, Future Earth and JPI Oceans co-branded call on Transdisciplinary Research for Ocean Sustainability: the Belmont Forum, in collaboration with Future Earth and JPI Oceans, launched a call of circa 16 M€ which aims at bringing together researchers and other expertise across the globe to innovate solutions to accelerate sustainable use of oceans and minimize the effects from global change. Because the challenge is complex, the call outlines that there is a need for integrated, interdisciplinary and cross sectoral approaches, bringing together natural and social sciences, as well as policymakers, resource managers, industries, citizens and other societal partners. More information on our website. Deadline for pre-proposals: 31 January 2019.

All the best!

Blue-Action: Draft agenda annual meeting Costa da Caparica 27-29 Nov 2018

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Dear all,
Please download the latest version of the agenda here.

See the PDF file at the bottom of the page.
Please note that this file does not contain the agenda for the WP breakout sessions.
Agenda for the breakout sessions will be uploaded to this page in the next hours.

Kind regards,

Blue-Action: Recruitment: 2xPDRA positions at SAMS

Added by Chiara Bearzotti about 2 months ago

Stuart Cunningham (SAMS) is recruiting!
2xPDRAs in Physical Oceanography (Advert and Job Description attached)
The two candidates will work on the following projects:
  • Blue-Action
  • Atlas
  • AtlantOS

Please circulate to your networks and sorry for cross-posting!

Blue-Action: Annual meeting and Survey on Arctic Shipping

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 2 months ago

Dear all,

Two reminder for you this week:
1) Annual meeting in Costa da Caparica 27-29 November 2018

2) Horizon 2020 survey on Future Trends in Arctic Shipping
Our policy officer at the European Commission DG RTD forwarded the invitation to an online survey on future trends in Arctic shipping conducted by the University College London. The study is part of the SEDNA project and might be of interest to some of you. Please find the invitation and more detailed information below.

From: Stagonas, Dimitris <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 7:50 PM
To: Stagonas, Dimitris <>
Subject: Horizon2020 srv on Future Trends in Arctic Shipping

Dear Sir / Madam
Following your participation in ‘All aboard to the Arctic! Current Policy and Operational Issues in Arctic Shipping Safety and Environmental Protection’ workshop in the 20th March 2018, Brussels, you are invited to participate in an online survey aiming to identify future trends in Arctic shipping, organised and conducted by Prof. Giles Thomas and Dr Dimitris Stagonas at University College London, Department of Mechanical Engineering. This study is part of SEDNA ("Safe maritime operations under extreme conditions: the Arctic case"), an EU Horizon 2020 research project that is developing an innovative and integrated risk-based approach to safe Arctic navigation, ship design and operation;
The survey is very brief and will only take less than 10 minutes to complete. Following the links below, you will find three different surveys on, Arctic Climate Change (focusing on Arctic sea-ice), Arctic Trade and Arctic Resources. Please complete the survey closest to your area of expertise. Note that you can complete more than one survey should you wish to. To start with a survey please click the link below or copy and paste the link to your internet browser.
Links to surveys:

The purpose of the survey is to collect the views of academics and professionals with experience in researching and working with the Arctic, and compile them into ‘What if’ scenarios for the future of Arctic shipping. The results will be published in a report available through the project’s website ( in 2019.
Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary and all of your responses will be anonymous. No personally identifiable information will be associated with your responses to any reports of these data. More information can be found in the Participant Information Sheet found at the end of the survey, please press NEXT to proceed to the consent form. Please read it and press DONE to submit the survey. Please note that by submitting the survey you are providing your consent to the form attached.
For any further questions please contact Dr Dimitris Stagonas in .
Dr Dimitris Stagonas
Research Associate
UCL Mechanical Engineering

Kind regards,

Chiara Bearzotti, Blue-Action project (H2020) Project manager
Danish Meteorological Institute, Lyngbyvej 100, 2100 Copenhagen (DK)
Phone: 004523996188 E-mail:
+ Please note, I am part-time and only work Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays+
Web: Twitter: @BG10Blueaction Zenodo:
The Blue-Action project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727852

Blue-Action: Who is planning to attend Arctic Circle 2018? (1 comment)

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 2 months ago

Dear all,
Is anyone of you:
  • Planning to attend this event?
  • Having a presentation?
  • Having a poster?

If yes to any of the above, please let me know by Friday 5th October!

I need to know because the European Commission has been asking for this.
For information: The European Commission (DG RTD/Attilio Gambardella) has organised a booth for the EU Arctic Cluster (Blue-Action is part of it) at the event and it would be great if you could plan to be at the booth for some time during the event.

Thank you!

Chiara Bearzotti, Blue-Action project (H2020) Project manager
Danish Meteorological Institute, Lyngbyvej 100, 2100 Copenhagen (DK)
Phone: 004523996188 E-mail:
++ Please note, I am part-time and only work Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays++
Web: Twitter: @BG10Blueaction Zenodo:
The Blue-Action project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727852

Blue-Action: TO DOs for all of you in September (Blue-Action)

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Dear all,

TO DOs for all of you for this month :-)

We’re hiring! Please share this with your networks
PostDoc in (sub-)seasonal Arctic climate predictions wanted in Hamburg at the Univ. Hamburg to support WP1 and Johanna Baehr, see the link to the vacancy in Euraxess: Deadline for applying is 15 October 2018

List of dissemination activities: UPDATE please
Have you been involved in giving presentations/poster/talks related to Blue-Action in the past months?
If yes:
• please add information about your dissemination activity in our master table (new records at the bottom of the table):
• please add your presentation/poster to our Zenodo Blue-Action community (Click on NEW UPLOAD) if your materials are ready to be disclosed in open access.

List of publications: UPDATE please
We have listed there a number of papers under review, or submitted, please update their status.
If you have a new paper in preparation/submission/… please add it to the table.

New staff working in Blue-Action?
If yes, please pass them the following instructions:

Planning to give a presentation/poster somewhere?
Are you planning to give a talk about Blue-Action or presenting a poster? Or any dissemination activity mentioning Blue-Action? Let us know... Send details to Chiara () on where, when, what, and to which audience. And remember to acknowledge the project correctly: see the slide on Acknowledgments in the redmine

Thank you for your collaboration!

Chiara Bearzotti, Blue-Action project (H2020) Project manager
Danish Meteorological Institute, Lyngbyvej 100, 2100 Copenhagen (DK)
Phone: 004523996188 E-mail:
++ Please note, I am part-time and only work Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays++
Web: Twitter: @BG10Blueaction Zenodo:
The Blue-Action project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727852

Blue-Action: New WP8 leader wanted for Blue-Action (1 comment)

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 3 months ago

Dear all,
Raeanne Miller, who has been leading our WP8 "Communication, Dissemination, Engagement and Exploitation", will be leaving for a new position at a university in Scotland very soon: we are very happy for her!

We are now looking for the best suitable candidate for this special leading position at SAMS Research Services Ltd. in Scotland. This is a full time position. Here is the link to the vacancy:

  • If you have possible candidates in mind, please tell them to apply directly for the position at SRSL. Should there be any question related to the role/tasks, please turn them to Chiara () or Steffen ()
  • Chiara will step in for Raeanne until the new WP8 lead is in place. Please turn all questions and requests for support to Chiara () until further notice.

Thank you for your help!

Your Project Office

Blue-Action: New staff working in Blue-Action? Instructions

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 4 months ago

Have you recruited new staff in the project?
If yes, please pass them the following instructions:
The first three points in the list are mandatory actions.
The fourth is an option.

1) (mandatory!) Register in our intranet, the redmine. This is mandatory for everyone involved in Blue-Action: drop Chiara () a mail asking for instructions. Chiara is the project manager of Blue-Action.
2) (mandatory!) Indicate to Chiara in which WPs you will work: so we can add your name to the mailing lists of the specific work packages in the redmine WIKI. These are used by the WP leaders for the internal communication within the WPs. You do not know who is your WP leader or what is the structure of the WPs?
3) (mandatory!) Sign up for the Blue-Action newsletter to receive regular updates about the project: this is the link
4) If you are active on Twitter, please follow the Twitter account of Blue-Action: @BG10Blueaction

Thank you!
Your Project Office


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