CDO: Version 1.9.2 released

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Fixed bugs:
  • sign of grid size increment changes [Bug #7974]
  • compilation fails on OpenBSD [Bug #7961]
  • expr: nesting of ternary operator lost in cdo-1.9.1 [Bug #7992]
  • rotuvb changed behavior in different versions [Bug #8084]
  • select with start=end range aborts with 'Invalid character' [Bug #7976]

Blue-Action: H2020 work pogrammes for 2018-2020 period: Links to docs

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On 27 October 2017, the European Commission has published the Work Programme 2018-2020 for Horizon 2020. The third and last Work Programme of the current Framework Programme for Research and Innovation has an extended duration of three years, one year longer than the previous Work Programmes. Additionally, the budget was increased to an overall budget of around EUR 30 billion, including support to the European Research Council (EUR 6 billion).

The new Work Programme focuses on priority goals, such as growth, competitiveness, sustainable development as well as quality of life in times of demographic change and the digital single market. With the implementation of Horizon 2020, the EU wants to substantially contribute to the achievement of the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs), marked by an increased focus or reference to these, especially in the Societal Challenges.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of Horizon 2020 it is recommended to consult not only the Work Programme part in one’s own field of expertise but also other parts of the Work Programme.

The pilot initiative European Innovation Council (EIC) is a new addition to the Work Programme. Currently, calls for the SME Instrument, the funding instrument “Fast Track to Innovation” (FTI), prizes under Horizon 2020 and the project part “FET – Open” are summarized under the EIC. These calls are located in the Work Programme part 20 “Towards the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation: European Innovation Council Pilot.”

As “Cross-cutting activities”, four Focus Areas are defined in the new Work Programme: a) “Boosting the effectiveness of the Security Union” (SU), b) “Digitising and transforming European industry services” (DT), c) “Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future” (LC) and d) “Connecting economic and environmental gains – the circular economy” (CE). The horizontal approach of the Focus Areas becomes clear by the distribution of individual corresponding topics across different subprogrammes of Horizon 2020.

Apart from calls in the Work Programme 2018-2020, notice should be taken of other funding opportunities. These include calls of the Joint Undertakings Clean Sky 2, IMI 2, BBI, ECSEL, FCH, HPC, Shift2Rail or SESAR as well as the ERA Nets and the Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI).

Furthermore, potential candidates should seek advice from the National Contact Points.
The network of National Contact Points (NCPs) is the main structure to provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in Horizon 2020. NCPs are also established in many non-EU and non-associated countries ("third countries").

Information concerning individual programme parts are detailed below.
First calls opened on 31 October 2017 with deadlines in January 2018.

Work programmes 2018-2020 (Links to docs!)

» Excellent Science: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

» Excellent Science: Future and Emerging Technologies

» Excellent Science: Research Infrastructures

» Industrial Leadership: Information and Communication Technologies

» Industrial Leadership: Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing, and Biotechnology

» Industrial Leadership: Space

» Industrial Leadership: Innovation in SMEs

» Societal Challenge 1: Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing

» Societal Challenge 2: Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research, and the Bio-economy

» Societal Challenge 3: Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy

» Societal Challenge 4: Smart, Green and Integrated Transport

» Societal Challenge 5: Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials

» Societal Challenge 6: Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies

» Societal Challenge 7: Secure Societies

» European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot

If you are missing anything in this list, please consult this page:

Kind regards,

Blue-Action: Annual meeting Blue-Action in 2018: registration needed

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Register for the Annual Meeting 2018 in Bologna!
The meeting will take place in Bologna (IT) on 18 an 19 January 2018: please plan to be there for the two full days.
Registration for this event is mandatory, places are limited. First come first served principle!

Via Gobetti 101, (inside the CNR Research Area campus), 40129 Bologna, Italy

Registration page
You necessarily need to use this page for registration:

Hotels suggested
Hotel suggestions in Bologna:
Please note that NO block reservation has been made.

Updates on this event in our intranet

CDO: Version 1.9.1 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida about 1 month ago

New features:
  • Added support for NC_FORMAT_CDF5
  • Extend option --reduce_dim to all dimension for all operators
New operators:
  • tee - Duplicate a data stream
Changes operators:
  • eof, eof3d: set default value of environment variable CDO_WEIGHT_MODE to off
  • sinfo: Added time type
  • ap2pl: added support for input data on half levels
Fixed bugs:
  • selindexbox: breaks uvRelativeToGrid flag [Bug #7901]
  • expr: AND fall through OR
  • --cmor option doesn't work for lon/lat bounds (introduced in 1.9.0)
  • eof3d: weight array was allocated for only one level

Blue-Action: Inputs for the Blue-Action newsletter?

Added by Chiara Bearzotti about 1 month ago

Dear Blue-Action partners,
We need your input for the next edition of the Blue-Action Quarterly Newsletter!
If you have interesting contributions and would like them to appear in this edition of the newsletter, please share them with us by the end of next week.

  • Do you have new staff in your team? Are you hiring? Tell us!
  • Have you published an exciting new paper? Let us know!
  • Did you join a meeting where you talked about Blue-Action? If yes, provide us with some details…
  • Is there anything you are planning (workshops? Exchange?) and you would like to share it with the larger Blue-Action community?
  • Have you started cooperating with other projects and you consider this relevant for the larger Blue-Action community?
  • Are there new initiatives which you think the Blue-Action partnership should know about?
  • Anything else you would like to share with the wider Blue-Action community?

Please send contributions Raeanne and Chiara directly: and
Thank you for your inputs!

Raeanne & Chiara

PS- Please do not forget to register for the annual meeting in Bologna on 18-19 Jan 2018 on Eventbrite:

Blue-Action: Annual meeting Blue-Action project 2018: registration open

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Dear all,
Please save the dates in your calendar and proceed with booking of tickets/hotels.
The meeting will take place in Bologna (IT) on 18 an 19 January 2018: please plan to be there for the two full days.

Registration page
You necessarily need to use this page for registration: [[]]

Draft agenda
will be published in the redmine in the following days: [[]]

More details will follow in the next days.

Kind regards!

The Coordination team

CDO: Version 1.9.0 released (1 comment)

Added by Uwe Schulzweida 4 months ago

New features:
  • Code changed from ANSI C99 to ISO C++11
  • Added configure option for ecCodes --with-eccodes=<yes|no|directory>
  • Added range operator to all statistic modules (e.g. yearrange, zonrange)
Fixed bugs:
  • expr: improve ternary operator, no brackets needed anymore.
  • expr: added support for clev in ternary operator.
  • remapcon/remapycon produces wrong results for some grid combinations (introduced in 1.8.0) [Bug #7821]
  • mergetime: wrong time information if first input file does not contain the first time step (bug introduced in 1.8.1) [Bug #7760]
  • percentile: fix wrong result with method numpy (linear interpolation) and nist [Bug #7798]

Blue-Action: Ocean Sciences meeting in Portland, February 2018

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 4 months ago

Dear Blue-Action colleagues,
would you be interested in submitting an abstract for the session "North Atlantic – Nordic seas – Arctic Ocean heat exchanges: Processes and Impacts (HE008)"?

Session ID#: 29748
Session Description:
Exchange flows between the subpolar North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean via the Nordic Seas are key components of the global climate system. The southward deep overflows feed the abyssal limb of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation affecting global climate, and the northward heat transport by the Atlantic Water affects Arctic sea ice and land ice cover, ecosystems, European weather and global climate. While knowledge of the magnitude of these fluxes and of their driving mechanisms are key to predicting changes on both the Atlantic and the Arctic sides, the processes and timescales involved are poorly understood.
This session invites contributions that address any of the exchange flows, their driving mechanisms, and downstream impacts of changes on either the Atlantic or the Arctic side. It aims to bring together observational, theoretical and numerical work on issues including but not limited to dynamics and kinematics of the regional ocean circulation, local and remote impacts of changes in oceanic heat transports on the atmosphere, sea ice, marine terminating glaciers, and biogeochemistry, and their linkages and predictability.

Primary Chair:
Renske Gelderloos, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, United States
  • Céline Heuzé, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Marius Årthun, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Bergen, Norway
  • Kerstin Jochumsen, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

More info: [[]]

Blue-Action: Webstreaming: A sustainable Arctic–innovative approaches

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 5 months ago

This might be of interest to the Blue-Action SG, and WPs 5-8

Link to webstreaming: .
It’s happening today (15 June) and tomorrow 16 June.

On 15 June Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini and EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella will have an open debate with representatives from governments, industry, research, indigenous and local community representatives on the challenges and opportunities facing the Arctic and on how international and local cooperation can boost sustainable and innovative development.

On 16 June the event will also include a high-level session of the Arctic Stakeholder Forum and the annual Indigenous Peoples Arctic Dialogue.

Recordings of the webstream will be available on this page:
More information:

(Thank you, Raeanne for telling us!)

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