Make Experiments!: Release 1.1.0 of MakeExperiments! (mkexp)

Added by Karl-Hermann Wieners over 2 years ago



  • Added 'selconfig' tool to extract sections from config files
  • Added 'files2config' tool to extract input file info from logs and scripts
  • Added variable replacement beta options to the '...2config' tools
  • Added output of file name in -d mode of 'namelist2config'
  • Added file tags for 'output_nml' groups in 'namelist2config'


  • Changed empty namelist variables to be suppressed, ie. default is used
  • Added '.default' variable to namelists and namelist groups to define an
    alternative default value if the empty string is a valid value
  • Added 'is_set' utility to be used on logicals in 'eval(...)' expressions
  • Added configurable hiding (disabling) of namelist files


  • Added optional parameter 'default_value' to 'format_namelists' to define an
    alternative default value for namelist variables

Redmine User Information: Maintenance of this system (2021-03-26 16:00 - 18:00)

Added by Jan Sellmann almost 3 years ago

We need to update the software Redmine running on to a newer version (and in the course upgrade the operating system and service software).

What will happen:

- upgrade of OS and software on


- Friday, March 26th, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Who/What is affected:

- The connection to Redmine on will
not be possible during the maintenance.

It could be that we do not need the full two hours on Friday afternoon, we will notify you by email when the maintenance should be finished ahead of schedule.

CDO: Version 1.9.10 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida about 3 years ago

New features:
  • Added option --ignore_time_bounds to ignore time bounds for time range statistics
Fixed bugs:
  • EOF: fix wrong result with multiple OpenMP threads (data race)
  • timselmean: failed with variables on different grids [Bug #9978]
  • Ymonarith: failed with variables on different grids
  • Detrend: wrong result with parameter equal=false [Bug #9961]
  • Fldstat: optional parameter weights failed
  • Wind: check that numLPE is > 0

CDO: Version 1.9.9 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 3 years ago

New features:
  • New environment variable CDO_DOWNLOAD_PATH: Path where CDO stores downloads
  • New environment variable CDO_ICON_GRIDS: Root directory of the ICON grids (e.g. /pool/data/ICON)
  • splitsel: added support for negative skip values [Feature #9798]
  • showattribute: added wildcard support
  • Diff: added option maxcount=<num>: Stop after num different fields
  • Select: added parameter dom (day of month, e.g. 29feb)
  • Ymonstat: added support for option timestat_date
New operators:
  • Yearly arithmetic: yearadd, yearsub, yearmul, yeardiv
  • apply: Apply an operator on each input file
  • gh2hl: Interpolate 3D geometric height to height levels
  • pack: Pack data (NetCDF attribute add_offset/scale_factor)
  • verifygrid: Verify grid coordinates
  • addtrend: Add trend
  • isosurface: Extract isosurface
Changed operators:
  • intlevel3d: changed interface
Fixed bugs:
  • Selbox: wrong result of grid cell area (if present) on curvilinear grids
  • sellonlatbox,-180,180,-90,90 "breaks" lon_bnds [Bug #9801]
  • Ensval: does not work
  • intyear: doesn't work; segmentation fault
  • intlevel3d: wrong result since v1.9.4 [Bug #9468]
  • dv2uv, uv2dv: wrong result works only on first level since v1.9.8 [Bug #9441]
  • Vertintap: process only 3D variables on hybrid sigma height coordinates with correct number of levels
  • Arith: Inconsistent missing value handling in v1.9.8 [Bug #9396]

CDO: Version 1.9.8 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 4 years ago

New features:

  • Proj 4 to 6 API Migration
  • smooth/smooth9: Added support for gridtype PROJECTION [Feature #9202]
  • Expr: Added function rand() and isMissval()
  • Remap: Added support for Gaussian reduced grids
  • trend, detrend: Added parameter equal=false for unequal timesteps
  • Option --no_remap_weights: Switch off generation of remap weights

New operators:

  • deltat: Difference between timesteps

Fixed bugs:

  • ensavg: Wrong result if data contains missing values (same result as ensmean)
  • Ydrunstat: Fix seg. fault

CDO: Python/Ruby interface are in a redesign phase

Added by Ralf Mueller over 4 years ago

Currently I work on a redesign of the Python and Ruby interface to CDO towards a 2.0 release. This will include API changes that are not backward compatible to the current 1.5.x version.

I wrote a list of open points here and I'd like to invite everyone to join the discussion and come up with ideas on how to write down things in the future. Please create tickets at so that ideas and wishes can be collect in a transparent way.

CDO: Version 1.9.7 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 4 years ago

New features:
  • added option --worker <num>: Number of worker to decode/decompress GRIB records
  • added option --pedantic: Warnings count as errors
  • Yhourstat: added time bounds support
  • expr: added support for ctimestep() in ternary conditional
New operators:
  • yearmaxidx: Yearly maximum indices
  • yearminidx: Yearly minimum indices
Changed operators:
  • for: renamed to seq
Fixed bugs:
  • Build failed with GCC 9 (OpenMP data sharing) [Bug #9038]
  • compile error: EXIT_FAILURE not declared in cdoDebugOutput.h [Bug #8899]
  • eca_gsl: the 2nd input file was not closed [Bug #9033]
  • ensrkhisttime/ensrkhistspace: don't work
  • detrend: seg. fault if time series containts time constant fields
  • inttime, intntime: handling of missing values is incorrect
  • select: combination of some parameter (var, grid, zaxis) doesn't work
  • expr:zonSTAT: wrong result
  • expr::vertmean: fix wrong warning message about layer bounds
  • mergetime: SKIP_SAME_TIME doesn't work in release 1.9.6

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