Redmine User Information: Maintenance and Renaming of

Added by Alexander Bugl 8 months ago

What will happen:

  • upgrade of the Subversion server
  • renaming of the Subversion server to


  • Tuesday, April 10th, 8 am - 9:30 am

Who/What is affected:

  • Subversion on the server has been upgraded to v1.8
  • The machine has been renamed to

What to do after the maintenance:

If you are still using SVN repositories, then you should prepare them for future use:
  • You might need to accept a new SSL server certificate after svn commands:
    $ svn update
    Updating '.':
    Error validating server certificate for '':
     - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Use the
       fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!
    Certificate information:
     - Hostname:
     - Valid: from Apr  6 12:26:43 2018 GMT until Jul  9 12:26:43 2020 GMT
     - Issuer: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Muenchen, Bayern, DE
     - Fingerprint: 87:7E:34:73:AC:47:C8:0A:CA:D1:48:27:90:B9:2F:DB:8F:31:29:2C
  • The repositories might need to be upgraded:
    $ svn upgrade
  • if you are still using SVN repositories, then these repositories might need to be relocated using svn relocate after the maintenance, e.g. for repository libmtime:
    $ svn relocate

Blue-Action: New publications acknowledging Blue-Action

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 9 months ago

Dear all,
we have updated the list of publications acknowledging the Blue-Action project:

You can edit the redmine if you need to add there a publication. Please follow the instructions on the top of the redmine page.

You do not know how to acknowledge Blue-Action?
Please check the instructions below:
1) Acknowledge Blue-Action in the credits of your article with the following sentence "_This article has been co-funded by Blue-Action. Blue-Action project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727852_" or "_This research was supported by the Blue-Action project (European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, grant number: 727852)_"
2) Please make sure that open access is granted to this publication. See the rules for open access of this journal here:Rules for open access
3) Inform Chiara Bearzotti <> and Raeanne Miller 'Raeanne Miller' <> about your publication.

Kind regards,
The Project Office

Blue-Action: Redmine and Zenodo for Blue-Action

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 9 months ago

Dear all,

We need to improve the tracking of what we do in our project, in terms of events we organise/contribute to and in terms of dissemination.

  • Do you have presentations or posters acknowledging Blue-Action? Please upload them directly in Zenodo!
    We do not use our website or the redmine as an archive for dissemination, we use Zenodo!
    How to upload your dissemination materials there:
    1. Go to to this link
    2. Log in (with GitHubor ORCID or create a new account)
    3. Go to the UPLOAD URL:
    4. Follow the instructions & complete all the fields.
      At the end of the process, Zenodo will notify Chiara about your new record linked to the Blue-Action community: Chiara has to approved it in order to add it to the Blue-Action collection.
      What kind of items we all need to upload in Zenodo? See the picture here attached with the list.

Kind regards,

Blue-Action: Disseminating Blue-Action? Pls share materials

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 10 months ago

Dear Blue-Action teams,
I know some of you have been very active in disseminating Blue-Action.
Please share your presentations and poster with the Blue-Action teams and help us in tracking your dissemination activities for the European Commission

How to?
Go to the page linked above, click on the pencil symbol on the upper right corner of the page. A new page will open: At the bottom of the page you will now find the button "Choose files", use that to upload you files from your drives.

Have you been to other meetings and these do not appear in our calendar?
Our calendar is available here If you do not find an event where you have been, please tell us and we can set up a page where you can upload you presentation and information on the meeting. Do not send us the presentations, we set up the page for you and you upload information there directly.

Thank you!
Kind regards,
Chiara & Raeanne

Blue-Action: ETH Zuerich and Maynooth University added to Blue-Action

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 10 months ago

Dear Blue-Action partners,
For information: we are going to add two new institutions to the consortium: ETH Zuerich and Maynooth University. As you know (see newsletter) Daniela Domeisen moved from GEOMAR to ETH Zuerich and Gerard McCarthy to Univ. Maynooth, that is why we are adding the new organisation to the consortium.

In the next days you will receive communications automatically sent via the Participant Portal related to this change in the contract with the European Commission.

Please IGNORE them! No action is needed from your side.
Kind regards,

CDO: Version 1.9.3 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida 10 months ago

New features:
  • expr: added time coordinate function cdate(), ctime(), cdeltat(), ctimestep() ...
New operators:
  • not - logical NOT (1, if x equal 0; else 0)
Fixed bugs:
  • uvDestag: target grid undefined in output
  • runpctl: fails since release 1.8.0
  • read of reduced Gaussian grid description file failed [Bug #8146]
  • read error on grid description file [Bug #8099]

Blue-Action: New deliverables & newsletter

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 11 months ago

Deliverables online
We have published in Zenodo the following deliverables:

And we have some more in the pipeline for publication in the next days, stay tuned!

And our first newsletter for 2018 is out [[]]

Happy reading!
Your Project Office

Blue-Action: EU's Adaptation Strategy: public consultation now open!

Added by Chiara Bearzotti about 1 year ago

A public consultation was launched by the EC on the evaluation the EU's Adaptation Strategy.
  • Link to the online consultation:[[]]
  • Deadline for taking part in the consultation:1 March 2018
  • Who can contribute: All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from professionals dealing with adaptation to climate change in all types of organisations in the EU.
  • More about the EU's Adaptation Strategy: [[]] The strategy adopted in April 2013 aims to increase the resilience of the EU territory by enhancing the preparedness and capacity of all government levels to respond to the impacts of climate change. The Strategy commits to delivering three objectives - promoting action by Member States; ‘climate-proofing’ action at EU level; and better-informed decision-making - through the implementation of eight Actions. Some of these are very relevant to Blue-Action!
  • Should you be particulary interested in the topic, please note that a public consultation meeting on the evaluation of the EU's Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change, will be held on 23 January 2018 in Brussels, this is an open stakeholder workshop. Check the pages linked above to know more about this workshop...

We strongly recommend to take part in the exercise, as an individual or as an organisation.

Your Project Office


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