Version 2.1.0 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 1 year ago

New features:
  • Option --chunksize: Set the chunk size of the horizonal grid
  • Option --nsb: Set number of significant bits, used for bit-rounding with NetCDF 4.9.0
  • Added support for NCZarr
  • zonmean: added support for data on unstructured grids
  • expr: replace template _ALL_ for all variable names
  • expr: renamed coordinate function cdeltaz(x) to cthickness(x)
  • expr: added function clevidx(x)
  • expr: added function sinh(x), cosh(x), tanh(x), asinh(x), acosh(x), atanh(x)
  • expr: added function mod(x,y), min(x,y), max(x,y), pow(x,y), hypot(x,y), atan2(x,y)
  • expr: added function fldrange, fldskew, fldkurt, fldmedian
  • expr: added function zonrange, zonskew, zonkurt, zonmedian
  • selindexbox: added support for negative indexing to start from the end
New operators:
  • remap<stat> - maps source points to target cells by calculating a statistical value from the source points
  • bitrounding: Bit rounding
  • selregion: Select horizontal regions
  • Dayarith (dayadd, daysub, daymul, daydiv): Daily arithmetic
Fixed bugs:
  • cdo 2.0.6 fails to compile with >clang12