Version 2.0.0 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida 11 months ago

New features:
  • Changed to C++14
  • Changed to 3-clause BSD license
  • sp2gp/gp2sp: OpenMP parallelized
  • Expr: Add function cdeltaz(x)
  • Select: Add parameter levrange (level range)
  • seltimestep: Add support for negative values in range of integer parameter
  • outputtab: Add key x and y to print coordinates of the original grid
New operators:
  • setgridcell: Set the value of a grid cell
  • selcircle: Select cells inside a circle
  • fldint: Field integral
  • bottomvalue: Select valid values at the bottom level
  • topvalue: Select valid values at the top level
  • median - ensmedian, fldmedian, mermedian, zonmedian, gridboxmedian
  • skewness - ensskew, fldskew, merskew, zonskew, gridboxskew
  • kurtosis - enskurt, fldkurt, merkurt, zonkurt, gridboxkurt
Fixed bugs:
  • splitsel: Output sequence number starts at 0
  • import_binary: Wrong result for swap 2 byte binary data
  • import_binary: Set NetCDF reference time
  • genlaf: Gives the result of gencon
  • namelist: Add large file support