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Will probably grow, with increasing Redmine usage... However, at the moment, good starting points for help are:

Can I use mathematical equations/chemical formulae?

Yes, but only very limited.

In general, you may use all HTML special character commands, as listed in e.g. Wikipedia or SelfHTML [de]. Thus you may use most mathematical symbols more or less directly. For example, the sum sign ∑ may be written as ∑, the set of real numbers ℜ may be denoted as ℜ, and all those greek Λεττερς are also available as Λετ and so on1.

You will, however, have a hard time trying to arrange things on top of each other, or if you try to combine signs, like vector arrows or alike. Only superscripting ^...^ and subscripting ~...~ is supported, and they do not go together very well. So you may write things like

   ∀ n ∈ *N*: ∑ ~i=1~ ^n^ i = n(n+1) / 2

   CaCO ~3~ → CaO + CO ~2~

to yield

∀ n ∈ N: ∑ i=1 n i = n(n+1) / 2

CaCO 3 → CaO + CO 2

1 Please note that case matters here, and capital letters use capitalized identifiers!


How may I create tables?

Basically, you use the vertical bar, aka pipe character, |, to separate table columns and new-line for table rows, like in

|_. name  |_. age |_. sex |
| joan | 24 | f |
| archie | 29 | m |
| bella | 45 | f |

to get

name age sex
joan 24 f
archie 29 m
bella 45 f

For more elaborate table formatting, see our Examples page.

How exactly may I reference a certain line of a certain revision of a certain file in repository?

In principle you follow the instructions under Redmine links/Links to other resources/Repository files on the Help Page.

Please note, in that document some/file is meant to be relative to the repository root. For Subversion repositories, it will usually look like trunk/... or branches/...

How can I avoid scrolling down lengthy (issue) pages to see the latest updates?

When you are logged into Redmine, the top header line provides an link 'My account' at the right hand side. This takes you to your account's settings. In the 'Preferences' box you may set the 'Display comments' preference from 'In chronological order' to 'In reverse chronological order'. After you save the change, issues will show their updates latest first, right below the description.

Note that this setting also changes sorting order of forum replies.

How can I control Redmine's event notifications?

There are three ways of controlling event notifications:

  • Set the defaults on the 'My account' page
  • Use the 'watch' or 'unwatch' buttons on the various issues and info pages
  • Register Atom feeds with your browser or mail/news reader. These are available for most pages

For details refer to Notification of Events in our Redmine. Also see Important info on email notification.