What is Redmine?

  • Project management software
  • Bug/feature tracking system
  • Platform for collaboration

Why use Redmine?

For projects and on-going model development

  • Planning tasks1
  • Organizing work1
  • Managing resources

Archive for developments of the institutes

  • Preserving work after lifetime of projects
  • New developments may become features of general model

Central location for project documentation

  • All relevant texts and papers in one place

Getting started

  • Web based:
  • You can login with your MPIM account (firstname.lastname) and password
  • You can't be added to projects before you have logged in to Redmine at least once!
  • Most projects are private; contact the project managers after first successful login to ask for a membership

How to use Redmine

Starting a new issue: mind the tracker setting

  • Deficiencies and errors of software → Bug
  • Request or proposal of new functionality → Feature
  • Problems using the software → Support
  • Jobs that don't fit into a specific category → Task

Communication and collaboration may help2

  • Forums -- informal discussion of questions or future features
  • Wiki pages -- collection of notes and post-its that shouldn't be lost
  • News bulletin -- broadcast of important events or results

Public interest

  • Issue tracking and collaboration features may also be public
  • Reference documentation for community
  • Download area for distribution

Repository for your own work

  • Add your extensions to feature list for future reference
  • Please add * Subversion (SVN) branch names and/or tags and/or final revision number * As much documentation as possible (notes, papers, references etc.) * A good3 description of your extensions and the ideas behind it, in your own words

Help yourself to a private project

  • Structuring your task4
    • Time tracking/Deadlines
    • Calendar/Roadmap

If all else fails, read the instructions

1 Also for one-person projects!

2 Of course you may still just walk over and talk to people...

3 'good' = still to be understood in three years' time

4 Not restricted to software development...