Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) and the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology organize scientific training courses
on the nonhydrostatic modelling framework ICON about once a year.

4th DWD Training course in Langen, 16 April – 19 April 2018

Training course 2018
Course Announcement 4th DWD Training course, Langen, April 2018
Agenda Agenda
Tuesday, April 17: "Zum Gemalten Haus", Frankfurt How to get there


The workshop takes place at the Meteorological Training and Conference Centre (BTZ) Langen; DFS-Campus 4; 63225 Langen; Germany,
see here for guest information.

Please note that when arriving at the entrance for the first time, you are obliged to register.
The visitor permits can be obtained at the main entrance, Paul-Ehrlich-Straße, or at the entrance Heinrich-Hertz-Straße upon production of a valid identity document.
Depending on the number of people standing in the line this may take a couple of minutes.

The lecture room number will be displayed on a screen in the entrance hall of the meteorological Training and Conference Centre.
For additional information, you can check with the front desk.

Course Material

Download (PDF): ICON_tutorial_2018.pdf
Every participant will receive a print-out during the course.

Tarball download

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