Version 1.8.0 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 2 years ago

New features:
  • NetCDF: Improved support for horizontal and vertical grids
  • Changed default of option -f nc to netCDF2
  • masklonlatbox: added support for unstructured grids
  • setpartabn: added support for user defined attributes
  • Reverse: adjust date/time by -1 second (introduced in last revision)
New operators:
  • setattribute: Set attributes
  • cmorlite: Apply variable_entry of cmor tables
  • timcumsum: Cumulative sum over time.
  • shiftx/shifty: Shift fields on rectilinear/curvilinear grids in x/y direction
Fixed bugs:
  • Cond: bug fix for ntsteps1 == 1 && ntsteps2 != 1
  • ml2pl: interpolation failed for data on hybrid half levels [Bug #7225]

Version 1.7.2 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 3 years ago

New operators:
  • smooth: Smooth grid points
  • ap2hl: Air pressure to height level interpolation
  • ngrids: Show number of grids
  • ngridpoints: Show number of gridpoints per variable
  • reducegrid: Select gridpoints wrt. given mask
  • settbounds: Set time bounds
Changed operators:
  • input: added optional zaxis parameter
  • setpartab: renamed to setcodetab
  • pardes: renamed to codetab
Fixed bugs:
  • Error reading Gaussian reduced GRIB files [Bug #6780 #6819]
  • Installation error with OpenMP [Bug #6523]
  • mul: wrong result for missval*0 (bug was introduced in 1.7.1)
  • nint: wrong result (replaced round() by lround())
  • shaded, contour, grfill: set NAN missvals to -9e33 [Bug: #6677]

Version 1.7.1 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 3 years ago

New features:
  • select: added search key steptype, gridnum, gridname, zaxisnum, zaxisname
  • expr, exprf, aexpr, aexprf: added support for function clon(x), clat(x), clev(x),
    remove(x), ngp(x), nlev(x), size(x), missval(x), sellevel(x,k), sellevidx(x,k),
    fldmin(x), fldmax(x), fldsum(x), fldmean(x), fldavg(x), fldstd(x), fldstd1(x), fldvar(x), fldvar1(x),
    vertmin(x), vertmax(x), vertsum(x), vertmean(x), vertavg(x), vertstd(x), vertstd1(x), vertvar(x), vertvar1(x)
    Here are some examples of the new expr features.
New operators:
  • contour: Contour plot
  • shaded: Shaded contour plot
  • grfill: Shaded gridfill plot
  • vector: Lat/Lon vector plot
  • graph: Line graph plot
  • gmtxyz: Output GMT xyz format to create contour plots with the GMT module pscontour.
  • gmtcells: Output GMT multiple segment format to create shaded gridfill plots with psxy.
Fixed bugs:
  • cdo -t table_file does not read variable name from table file [Bug #6312]
  • One day shift backwards when converting to relative time axis with -r [Bug #6496]
  • ydaypctl: check of verification date failed (bug fix)
  • cat, copy, mergetime, select: remove time constant input fields for nfile>1 [Bug #6552]

cdo.{rb,py} Version 1.3.0 released

Added by Ralf Mueller over 3 years ago

New Features and Fixes:

  • logging commands to external file or memory (python and ruby examples)
  • support for upcoming CDO release 1.7.1
  • [ruby] new object oriented interface
    • requires ruby-2.x
    • is thread safe
    • is the new default interface when calling
      require 'cdo'
  • [ruby] old module interface is still available by using
    require 'cdo_lib'
  • fix unicode-related bug for python2 (thanks to Sebastian Illing)

Version 1.7.0 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida almost 4 years ago

New features:
  • added support for netCDF Scalar Coordinate Variables
  • added support for hybrid sigma pressure coordinates following the CF convention
  • added option --percentile to select different percentile methods
    Available methods: nrank, nist, numpy, numpy_lower, numpy_higher, numpy_nearest
  • distgrid: added support for curvilinear grids
  • collgrid: added support for curvilinear grids
New operators:
  • remapycon: First order conservative remapping (new implementation of remapcon)
  • genycon: Generate 1st order conservative remap weights (new implementation of gencon)
  • setmisstonn: Set missing value to nearest neightbor
  • setmisstodis: Set missing value to the distance-weighted average of the nearest neighbors
  • ap2pl: Interpolate 3D variables on hybrid sigma height coordinates to pressure levels
  • vertstd1: Vertical standard deviation [Divisor is (n-1)]
  • vertvar1: Vertical variance [Divisor is (n-1)]
  • seasvar1: Seasonal variance [Divisor is (n-1)]
  • seasstd1: Seasonal standard deviation [Divisor is (n-1)]
  • yseasvar1: Multi-year seasonally variance [Divisor is (n-1)]
  • yseasstd1: Multi-year seasonally standard deviation [Divisor is (n-1)]
Changed operators:
  • remapnn, remapdis: replaced scrip search by kdtree (optimization)
  • vertvar, vertstd: changed to weighted var/std if layer bounds are available
Fixed bugs:
  • cdo -t table_file does not complain if table_file is a directory [Bug #5891]
  • expr: operators return 0 for arithmetics on constants [Bug #5875]
  • env. CDO_TIMESTAT_DATE does not work [Bug #5758]
  • splityear*: support for constant fields is missing [Bug #5759]
  • yseaspctl: check of verification date failed [Bug #5810]
  • Converting rotated lat-lon netcdf to/from grib: flip sign of the angle of rotation [Bug #5870]

Version 1.6.9 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 4 years ago

New features:
  • select: added parameter date, startdate, enddate
  • expr: added support for operator ?:,&&,||
  • option --reduce_dim: reduce dimension (Timstat, Fldstat)
New operators:
  • after: ECHAM standard post processor
  • aexpr: Evaluate expressions and append results
  • aexprf: Evaluate expression script and append results
  • selzaxisname: Select z-axes by name
  • genlevelbounds: Generate level bounds
Fixed bugs:
  • ydrunpctl: does not work in combination with ydrunmin/ydrunmax
  • Ensstat: added support for different missing values
  • seltimestep: abort if none of the selected timesteps are found

Version 1.6.8 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 4 years ago

New features:
  • select, delete: added wildcard support for parameter name
  • expr: added support for logical operators <, >, <=, >=, !=, ==, <=>
New operators:
  • splityearmon: Split in years and months
  • yseasadd: Add multi-year seasonal time series
  • yseassub: Subtract multi-year seasonal time series
  • yseasmul: Multiply multi-year seasonal time series
  • yseasdiv: Divide multi-year seasonal time series
Changed operators:
  • vertmean, vertavg: changed to weighted means if layer bounds are available
  • setpartabp, setpartabn: added optional parameter convert to convert the units.
    Units are not converted anymore if this parameter is not set!
  • TimSTAT, Timpctl, TimselSTAT, Timselpctl, SeasSTAT, Seaspctl:
    The output time stamp of all operators from the above modules are changed from the last to the middle contributing timestep.
    Use the environment variable CDO_TIMESTAT_DATE=last to set the output time stamp to the last contributing timestep.
  • eof, eof3d: use area weights instead of no weights
    Use the environment variable CDO_WEIGHT_MODE=off to switch back to the non weighted version
Fixed bugs:
  • gradsdes: grib index file is empty (introduced in 1.6.7)
  • grib2 output: segfaults when writing grib2 files [Bug #5351]
  • remapnn: Segmentation fault for extrapolation of regular 2D source grids [Bug #5448]

Version 1.6.6 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida almost 5 years ago

New operators:
  • outputtab: table output
Fixed bugs:
  • option -t table: segmentation fault if parameter table entry longname is missing
  • merge: check number of timesteps [Bug #5338]
  • seasmean: sets all time_bnds to the same values [Bug #5329]
  • histcount: doesn't recognize missing values
  • filesdes: doesn't work for GRIB2 files [Bug #5307]

Version 1.6.5 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida almost 5 years ago

New operators:
  • distgrid: distribute horizonal grid
  • collgrid: collect horizontal grid
Changed operators:
  • cat: added support for option -O (overwrite existing output file)
  • remaplaf: changed calculation of weights from SCRIP to YAC
Fixed bugs:
  • gridarea: added support for concave grid cells
  • gradsdes: added support for option 365_day_calendar
  • import_binary: option 365_day_calendar does not work
  • select: wrong result when select only one timestep

Version 1.6.4 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 5 years ago

New features:
  • Option --history: Do not append to netCDF "history" global attribute
  • Option --netcdf_hdr_pad <nbr>: Pad netCDF output header with nbr bytes
New operators:
  • setpartabn: set parameter table by name
  • setpartabp: set parameter table by parameter ID
  • sealevelpressure: sea level pressure
Changed operators:
  • Sinfo: changed format of grid and zaxis section
  • Filter: disable zero-padding
  • diff: print number of different values
  • Ymonstat: sorts output by month of year
Fixed bugs:
  • eof3d: set sum of weights to 1
  • eofcoeff: remove scaling with grid cell area weights
  • eofcoeff3d: remove scaling with grid cell area weights

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