Version 2.2.0 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida 10 months ago

New features:
  • Add support for NumPy percentile methods: midpoint, inverted_cdf, averaged_inverted_cdf, closest_observation, interpolated_inverted_cdf, hazen, weibull, median_unbiased, normal_unbiased
  • Add predefined healpix grid hp<nside>[_<order>]
  • Add healpix grid support to Zonstat module (zonmean, ...)
  • Add compression support for NetCDF4 remap weights file (-f nc4 -z <...>)
  • Add support for NetCDF4/HDF5 compression method Zstandard (cdo option -z zstd)
  • Add support for NetCDF4/HDF filter (cdo option --filter <filterId,params>)
  • Improved read performance of spatial and temporal chunked NetCDF4 data
New operators:
  • hpdegrade: Degrade the resolution of a healpix grid
  • hpupgrade: Upgrade the resolution of a healpix grid
  • splitdate: Splits a file into dates
  • fldcount: Number of non-missing values of the field
  • unpack: Unpack packed data
Changed operators:
  • sethalo: extend user interface (new parameter east/west/south/north and value)
Fixed bugs:
  • select: Error prone evaluation of timestepmask
  • timpctl: returns missing values when input data is constant in time
  • ml2hl: Change level type to ZAXIS_ALTITUDE
  • sp2sp: Specification of the parameter fails
  • Option -t failed in release 2.1.1
  • Yseasstat: vDateTimes not initialized
  • intlevel3d: use level indices from target coordinate [Bug #11307]
  • Vertstat: wrong result for non monotonic levels in GRIB format [Bug #11323]