Warnings and Errors

Configuration entries

When a bug occurred users can be informed, when running the tool.
There are four different parameters in the configuration which could be set.

  • error_message - the message will be prompted and the program aborts.
  • error_file - a file containing the error message. If the file is empty, no error occurs. Otherwise the message will be displayed and the program terminates.
  • warning_message - the message will be prompted before the program starts.
  • warning_file - same as error_file, but the program will not terminate.


When analyze is started with the debug option "-d" the program will be executed even when an error is displayed.

I am not allowed to write the configuration file...

Most developers do not have write access to the configuration file. If you would like to display an error or a warning,
please create a text file containing the warning and contact us. We will add this file to the configuration.

After fixing the bug you can easily remove the message by overwriting the text file with an empty text, e.g.:

echo '' > error.txt