Processing Output

When you have written a tool producing output, you can register
the results to the evaluation system.

The plugin-API provides a function named 'prepareOutput(result)'.
Where result is a file name, a directory name, or a list of file and
directory names.

Usually, runTool looks like this:

runTool(self, configDict)
    # do fancy experiment
    result = ['files', 'or', 'directories']
    return self.prepareOutput(result)

Each file or file in the specified directory will be stored as result.
For plots (eps, png, pdf, gif, jpg....) a preview will be created and
shown on the webpage.

Adding a caption to the preview figures

You can add a caption to your results. To do so, you have to pass a
dictionary to prepareOutput. It must have the form:

{ string_of_file_or_directory_name : {'caption' : string_holding_the_caption}, file_but_no_caption : {}, ...}

For a directory the caption is assigned to each result in the directory.