Grids and external parameters

For fixed domain sizes and resolutions a list of grid files has been pre-built for the ICON model together with the corresponding reduced radiation grids and the external parameters.
The download server can be accessed via
A web service has been made available to help users with the generation of custom grid files.
After entering grid coordinates through an online form, this web service creates a corresponding ICON grid file together with the necessary external parameter file.
Access to the grid generator web service via the account icon-web requires a password.
To this end, please contact .

DWD operational data products

For model users who intend to process data products of DWD's operational runs, the DWD database documentation may be a valuable resource.
It can be found on the DWD web site.

DWD has made a number of model forecast data sets publicly available, mostly free of charge (with a retention of 48h).
This service has started in July 2017 and can be reached under
See the content description under for a list of spatial data sets.

The DWD definition files for the GRIB-API/ecCodes package can be obtained via
The new directory needs to be communicated to the GRIB-API/ecCodes package by setting the GRIB DEFINITION PATH environment variable (preceding the default definition files path).

For further data requests with respect to DWD operational data products please contact .