Welcome to the MPI-M's Earth System Model Environment!

The ESM Environment hosts a number of small tools that are used for preparing, running, and evaluating experiments with the MPI-M's earth system models.

Make Experiments! - Run-script generation for earth system models

Make Experiments! (mkexp) contains a set of tools for preparing experiments with the MPI-M's earth system models.

Perversion - version control for input data

Perversion (pvn) provides a version control system for sets of large data files where all versions need to be accessible immediately.

NCL Shell - easy visualization scripting

NCL Shell (nclsh) is a replacement for calling the NCAR Command Language (NCL) directly whenever you need to pass command line arguments to NCL without twisting your fingers into a knot.

Self - self-extending maps and vectors

Self is a fortran library that provides maps and vectors for arbitrary typed items

mtime - A model time management library

This project aims to provide time, calendar, and event handling for model applications.

Related projects:

  • cdo - Climate Data Operators