Version 1.5.9 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida almost 10 years ago

New features:
  • file.c::file_initialize: added support for env GRIB_API_IO_BUFFER_SIZE
New functions:
  • vlistDefVarChunktype(): set chunktype to CHUNK_AUTO, CHUNK_GRID, CHUNK_LINES
  • vlistInqVarChunktype(): returns the chunktype
Fixed bugs:
  • vlistCopyFlag: added support for level bounds
  • netCDF: added support for time axis name and long_name
  • cgribexGetGrid: bug fix for xinc/yinc recomputation
  • stream_cdf::define_all_vars: added txt attributes to vlistDefAttTxt() without trailing 0 [Bug #3004]

Version 1.5.8 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida about 10 years ago

New features:
  • grib2: added stepType support for absolute time axis
  • netCDF: set 1D arrays to coordinate variables if axis attribute is available
Fixed bugs:
  • grib2: changed packingType from grid_jpeg to grid_simple if nmiss > 0

Version 1.5.6 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 10 years ago

New features:
  • netCDF: added support for environment variable NC_CHUNKSIZEHINT
  • GRIB2: added support for level type HYBRID_HALF
  • GRIB2: added support for grib_api key stepType with TSTEP_<type> in vlistDefVar()
Fixed bugs:
  • wrong netCDF output for unscaled uint8, int8, int16, int32 variables (bug introduced in 1.5.5)

Version 1.4.4 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 12 years ago

New features:

  • MAX_STREAMS: changed fixed size of 4096 to dynamic range 1024 to 65536
  • added support for GRIB1 time units 3hours and 6hours
  • added support for non integer time units MONTH
  • vlistMerge: added support to merge levels
Fixed bugs:
  • gauaw: bug fix for allocation of zfnlat for odd number of nlat
  • cgribexDefTime: bug fix for GRIB1 time range 3 and 10

Also available in: Atom