Web Evaluation System ... next Steps

New Features: data_browser, deleting and sharing results, the web tour!
Added by Christopher Kadow about 8 years ago

Dear Users,

since the first announcement of the web-page
we developed many new features to support you and
your work-flow.

First of all, our powerful solr_search tool to find data
has got an online representation. It's named "data-browser"
in the main menu and you can locate more than 4 million
NetCDF files through a comfortable interface.

Are you annoyed of some results in your history you would like
to get rid of? Now, the web-page offers a delete button to hide
these results. To guarantee the scientific reproducibility you
can recover these results whenever you like.

Now, the system also supports to share your results with others.
Via the share button on the results page you can easily choose
MiKlip members to receive an email containing a link to your

Last, but not least, we established a guest account with
restricted permissions. With the user "guest" and
password "miklip" you will get a guided tour through
the web-page showing all important features.

Then we are working on several small parts to improve the system and
listen carefully to the users. E.g. the system has now the possibility
to add informations about "what you see on it" directly to the plots.
An Example you find already in the ETCCDI and Monsoon tool.

If you have suggestions how2improve the system, write us!