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Test release of Miklip evaluation web version of the evaluation system
Added by Christopher Kadow over 8 years ago

News from 30.01.2014

We are happy to announce that the evaluation system is available on the world wide web, now.
Under [sic!] you find the very first (beta)
version of the web based interface to the evaluation system.

The web page offers you all the opportunities of the evaluation system. It
provides an interface to the tools and allows you to start the tools in
a scheduler and watch their progress.

Old runs of the evaluation system can be viewed in the history and you can
comfortably browse a preview of the results. It is worth to mention that
you can access all your runs started with the evaluation system. The system
makes no difference whether the runs have been started with the web interface
or by using the shell.

There is a first documentation of the MurCSS tool and direct access to this wiki.

To access the full functionality of you have to login
with your DKRZ credentials to the web page.