MPI-ESM Personal Single User License Registration

The following lines describe how to request a personal single user license for the MPI-ESM model code


To obtain the most recent released version of the MPI-ESM code with a personal single user license, the licensee needs to register an account on this page (see below). We're storing the data entered during the process - have a look at our privacy policy, especially the paragraph "customer account/registration".

Since the licensor wants to make sure users of the code are aware of the license they accept when receiving the code, the potential licensees need to accept the license to obtain a copy of the code from this website. After accepting the license, the licensees become members of the MPI-ESM Users Project on this Redmine project management server, enabling the licensees to download released versions of the MPI-ESM code.

Get the MPI-ESM Code: Step by Step

  1. Read these instructions completely (1 - 4 !) before you start. It might be best to open links in a separate tab or browser window, to keep these instructions open.
  2. If you don't have a user account at, you need to register one. Sign in with your account before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Now you're prepared to request individual access to the MPI-ESM Code.
    By requesting access you agree with the personal single user MPI-ESM license delivered with the code. Change the drop down menu in the field labeled "MPI-ESM License" from "Reject" to "Accept" and click "Create" (not "Create and Continue") to express your agreement. Leave all other fields unchanged, they are not used for the license registration process.
  4. You'll get an e-mail notification as soon as your request has been granted (which usually takes up to five minutes). After that you can download the code here.