NEC Platform


NEC machines are special, because they use vector processors. Compiling code always means cross compiling for this type of hardware. The SX-Series uses SUPER-UX, an unix-base operating systems. On the basis of our experience with our former supercomputer (SX6) the following settings might be usefull

CFLAGS="-O -Onooverlap,restrict=all -pvctl,fullmsg,noassume,loopcnt=1000000"

Depending on the cross compiler, you should also set CC=sxcc AR=sxar or CC=escc AR=esar. This example is taken from our collection of machine dependent presets for local installations: source:/config/default


For more recent hardware like SX-Aurora Tsubasa, you can have two options

  1. build it with the gcc host compilers (this should for like on other Unix-like system
  2. build with the vector engine compiles ncc, nc++ and nfort

For the second option you have to set some CPPFLAGS for cfortran.h usage:

./configure CC=ncc FC=nfort CXX=nc++ AS=/opt/nec/ve/bin/nas LD=/opt/nec/ve/bin/nld NM=/opt/nec/ve/bin/nnm AR=/opt/nec/ve/bin/nar CPPFLAGS=-DSXFortran

please note, that pre 3.x versions had problems with compiling CDO.