MacOS Platform


You can use conda from the package managers Anaconda or Miniconda to install CDO on a Mac.

If you do not have conda already installed:

  1. Miniconda download instruction
  2. Miniconda installation instruction

Install CDO with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge cdo

If you want to install the Python wrapper for CDO (python-cdo) too, you can do it in one single step:

conda install -c conda-forge cdo python-cdo


The MacPorts software collection contains CDO. View its Portfile for detailed information or simply install it with

port install cdo
If you want to use GRIB2, szip compression and Magics++ graphic install it with
port install cdo +grib_api +magicspp +szip

In addition to standard features, this port provides support for GRIB2. Many thanks to Takeshi Enomoto for providing that port!


If you prefer homebrew, please check the extensive documentation under After successful installation, CDO can be installed as easy as

brew install cdo

Thx to Carlos for the hint