Version 2.3.0 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida 7 months ago

New features:

  • Add GRIB2 HEALPix support (available with eccodes-2.32.0)
  • Add support for NetCDF attribute type NC_INT64
  • Add interface function streamInqNumSteps() to inquire number of time steps
  • gribapi decode: add support for single precision float interface (available since ecCodes-2.30.0)
  • grib2: add read only support for alternativeRowScanning
  • grib2: add support for earth radius specified by data producer

Fixed bugs:

  • HIRLAM_EXTENSIONS: set default CDI_KEY_SCANNINGMODE to 64 [Bug #11367]
  • gribapiDefGridLCC: store DxInMetres/DyInMetres as double
  • NetCDF4: use chunkSize only if it is less than gridsize
  • cdfDefineAttributes: check filetype for unsigned int attributes
  • time information missing if the stream contains fields constant in time only