Version 1.9.9 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida about 1 year ago

New features:
  • New environment variable CDO_DOWNLOAD_PATH: Path where CDO stores downloads
  • New environment variable CDO_ICON_GRIDS: Root directory of the ICON grids (e.g. /pool/data/ICON)
  • splitsel: added support for negative skip values [Feature #9798]
  • showattribute: added wildcard support
  • Diff: added option maxcount=<num>: Stop after num different fields
  • Select: added parameter dom (day of month, e.g. 29feb)
  • Ymonstat: added support for option timestat_date
New operators:
  • Yearly arithmetic: yearadd, yearsub, yearmul, yeardiv
  • apply: Apply an operator on each input file
  • gh2hl: Interpolate 3D geometric height to height levels
  • pack: Pack data (NetCDF attribute add_offset/scale_factor)
  • verifygrid: Verify grid coordinates
  • addtrend: Add trend
  • isosurface: Extract isosurface
Changed operators:
  • intlevel3d: changed interface
Fixed bugs:
  • Selbox: wrong result of grid cell area (if present) on curvilinear grids
  • sellonlatbox,-180,180,-90,90 "breaks" lon_bnds [Bug #9801]
  • Ensval: does not work
  • intyear: doesn't work; segmentation fault
  • intlevel3d: wrong result since v1.9.4 [Bug #9468]
  • dv2uv, uv2dv: wrong result works only on first level since v1.9.8 [Bug #9441]
  • Vertintap: process only 3D variables on hybrid sigma height coordinates with correct number of levels
  • Arith: Inconsistent missing value handling in v1.9.8 [Bug #9396]