Version 1.7.0 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 8 years ago

New features:
  • added support for netCDF Scalar Coordinate Variables
  • added support for hybrid sigma pressure coordinates following the CF convention
  • added option --percentile to select different percentile methods
    Available methods: nrank, nist, numpy, numpy_lower, numpy_higher, numpy_nearest
  • distgrid: added support for curvilinear grids
  • collgrid: added support for curvilinear grids
New operators:
  • remapycon: First order conservative remapping (new implementation of remapcon)
  • genycon: Generate 1st order conservative remap weights (new implementation of gencon)
  • setmisstonn: Set missing value to nearest neightbor
  • setmisstodis: Set missing value to the distance-weighted average of the nearest neighbors
  • ap2pl: Interpolate 3D variables on hybrid sigma height coordinates to pressure levels
  • vertstd1: Vertical standard deviation [Divisor is (n-1)]
  • vertvar1: Vertical variance [Divisor is (n-1)]
  • seasvar1: Seasonal variance [Divisor is (n-1)]
  • seasstd1: Seasonal standard deviation [Divisor is (n-1)]
  • yseasvar1: Multi-year seasonally variance [Divisor is (n-1)]
  • yseasstd1: Multi-year seasonally standard deviation [Divisor is (n-1)]
Changed operators:
  • remapnn, remapdis: replaced scrip search by kdtree (optimization)
  • vertvar, vertstd: changed to weighted var/std if layer bounds are available
Fixed bugs:
  • cdo -t table_file does not complain if table_file is a directory [Bug #5891]
  • expr: operators return 0 for arithmetics on constants [Bug #5875]
  • env. CDO_TIMESTAT_DATE does not work [Bug #5758]
  • splityear*: support for constant fields is missing [Bug #5759]
  • yseaspctl: check of verification date failed [Bug #5810]
  • Converting rotated lat-lon netcdf to/from grib: flip sign of the angle of rotation [Bug #5870]