Version 1.6.8 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida about 9 years ago

New features:
  • select, delete: added wildcard support for parameter name
  • expr: added support for logical operators <, >, <=, >=, !=, ==, <=>
New operators:
  • splityearmon: Split in years and months
  • yseasadd: Add multi-year seasonal time series
  • yseassub: Subtract multi-year seasonal time series
  • yseasmul: Multiply multi-year seasonal time series
  • yseasdiv: Divide multi-year seasonal time series
Changed operators:
  • vertmean, vertavg: changed to weighted means if layer bounds are available
  • setpartabp, setpartabn: added optional parameter convert to convert the units.
    Units are not converted anymore if this parameter is not set!
  • TimSTAT, Timpctl, TimselSTAT, Timselpctl, SeasSTAT, Seaspctl:
    The output time stamp of all operators from the above modules are changed from the last to the middle contributing timestep.
    Use the environment variable CDO_TIMESTAT_DATE=last to set the output time stamp to the last contributing timestep.
  • eof, eof3d: use area weights instead of no weights
    Use the environment variable CDO_WEIGHT_MODE=off to switch back to the non weighted version
Fixed bugs:
  • gradsdes: grib index file is empty (introduced in 1.6.7)
  • grib2 output: segfaults when writing grib2 files [Bug #5351]
  • remapnn: Segmentation fault for extrapolation of regular 2D source grids [Bug #5448]