Version 1.6.4 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida about 10 years ago

New features:
  • Option --history: Do not append to netCDF "history" global attribute
  • Option --netcdf_hdr_pad <nbr>: Pad netCDF output header with nbr bytes
New operators:
  • setpartabn: set parameter table by name
  • setpartabp: set parameter table by parameter ID
  • sealevelpressure: sea level pressure
Changed operators:
  • Sinfo: changed format of grid and zaxis section
  • Filter: disable zero-padding
  • diff: print number of different values
  • Ymonstat: sorts output by month of year
Fixed bugs:
  • eof3d: set sum of weights to 1
  • eofcoeff: remove scaling with grid cell area weights
  • eofcoeff3d: remove scaling with grid cell area weights