Version 1.6.0 released

Added by Uwe Schulzweida over 11 years ago

New operators:
  • select: Select fields from an unlimited number of input files
  • mergegrid: Merge horizontal grids
  • yearmonmean: yearly mean from monthly data
  • duplicate: Duplicates a dataset
  • adisit: Potential temperature to in-situ temperature
  • rhopot: Calculates potential density
Changed operators:
  • setcalendar: changed CDO calendar names to CF calendar names (Feature #3123)
    (standard, proleptic_gregorian, 360_day, 365_day, 366_day)
  • masklonlatbox: added support for curvilinear grids
  • diff: print only records that differ
Fixed bugs:
  • sellonlatbox: wrong result with overlapped lonlatbox on curvilinear grids
  • ensrkhisttime: fixed memory fault
  • expr: wrong result for operation var1/var2 where var2 = 0
  • Runstat: added support for time bounds (Bug #3127)
  • merge: uses size of the first input file for the output buffer