Use of the intranet
How to upload document, how to look for documents and meetings...

Use of Zenodo
How to upload a document in Zenodo, the Blue-Action repository

Description of the Action
Part A, part B and the full commented list of the deliverables/milestones with deadlines.

Deliverables in preparation and those already submitted are saved here.

Milestones already achieved and those in plan.

European Commission Reviews
Materials related to the three reviews of the EC are saved here.

Detailed files on budget for each partner and WP are saved here.

Financial management
Guidelines on financial management, reporting, and on eligibility rules for reporting costs.

Project management
Tools for project management, risk management, innovation management and procedures.

Information about the governance structure of the project: SEG, RIAG, General Assembly, Steering Committee.

Contractual documents
Grant agreement and consortium agreement.

Newsletter of the project: archive

Logos, acknowledgment of EU funding, EU flag
Flyer of the project, high-resultion graphics, logos of the project, logos of the EU, slides to acknowledge EU contribution correctly.

Documents and templates for dissemination: press releases, reports, invite letters, standard PowerPoint presentations, project flyer etc.

Kickoff 2017
Materials related to the kickoff are listed here.

Annual meetings NEW!
Materials related to the project annual meetings are listed here.

WP meetings
Materials related to WP meetings are listed here

Workpackage 1 Improving seasonal long range forecast skill of risks for hazardous weather and climate events
Files and pages of the WP 1 teams.

Workpackage 2 Lower latitude drivers of Arctic changes
Files and pages of the WP 2 teams.

Workpackage 3 Linkages of Arctic climate changes to lower latitudes
Files and pages of the WP 3 teams.

Workpackage 4 Enhancing the capacity of seasonal-to-decadal predictions in the Arctic and over the Northern Hemisphere
Files and pages of the WP 4 teams.

Workpackage 5 Developing and Valuing Climate Services and Information Services
Files and pages of the WP 5 teams.

Workpackage 6
Files and pages of the WP 6 teams.

Workpackage 8
Files and pages of the WP 8 teams.

Blue-Action publications and other publications
A list of resources