Logos acknowledgment of EU funding EU flag

For your papers
Please use the following sentence "This study/paper/etc was supported by the Blue-Action project, which has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727852".

Flyer of the project
Version of the flyer of the project of March 2017. High-resolution pictures are avialable in the zipped file. Please use the credits mentioned in the file name of the graphics.

Official logo of the project (without strap)
We have a basic logo, developed by partner SRSL in colours. Different resolutions and formats available in the zipped below. A b/w version also avaialble.
We also have a logo with the addition of catchline: This should be considered an addition, rather than a replacement for the more basic logo

EU flag logo and sentence to acknowledge EU co-funding
The EU flag & sentence acnowledging contribution of the EU is mandatory for all the dissemination materials, presentations and posters included. Please make sure that the EU flag is given adequate relevance and in size as big as the other logos in your dissemination material.

Slide for your PowerPoint presentations
Add this slide to all the presentations you hold which provide reference to the Blue-Action project.

Logos of all partners
You can download all the logos of the partner institutions from this page and use them for your presentations.