Financial management

First financial report of Blue-Action
See the guidelines below in Word and the PDF file. Reporting period: 1 December 2016-31 May 2018
  • Deadline for nominating a financial legal signatory for the project: 15 June 2018
  • Deadline for delivery to the Coordinator for compliance checking: 16 July 2018
  • Deadline for final submission to the EC: 31 July 2018

List of contact points for financial issues in your coutry
The H2020 programme has established national contact points for the participants of H2020 projects, these guys will be able to help you in the specific reporting for your organisation:

Reporting: how does it work and what should I know?
  • "EC Coordinator's day on Reporting" held on 14 February 2017: Full presentations in the zipped file here below. A registration of the event:
  • Specific "EC webinar for Blue-Action partners" 16 February 2017: materials can be downloaded here below.
Eligibility period
  • Official Start date: 1 December 2016
  • Official End date: 28 February 2021
Eligibility rules: how to spend the budget correctly
The financial guidelines for understanding what how costs can be claimed can be found:

Budget in terms of Person-months
Person-months indicated in the application see the Description of the Action are just estimated and not binding.
This means that, within the limit of the EC contribution given to your institution, it is possible to change these numbers. Example: with the budget given (Euro) you had planned a senior scientist for 10 pm and now you would like to hire two juniors for 20 pm, this is possible, without having to communicate this change to the European Commission.

Budget lines: Staff cost and other direct costs
It is possible to shift a budget which was originally planned for staff costs to the budget line "other direct costs", and viceversa, without a formal approval of the European Commission.
Please keep the project office (Chiara ) informed about these changes.