• The report has to be drafted with the template below.
  • When the report has been reviewed and finalised, please send the Word version to Chiara
  • Chiara will send the revise the report and get back to you.
  • Once the review is over, Chiara will send the report to the EC.

The full list of the deliverables with indication of responsibility for delivery and deadlines is available in Wiki> Description of the Action.

Deliverables in preparation

See the summary list in Excel list in the wiki section Project Management

Deliverables already closed and uploaded to the EC portal

The full version of these deliverables can be found in the section Documents and in Zenodo

D4.1 Selected baseline prediction data for impact studies (Several authors)

D5.1 End Users Needs Report: Weather and climate data for Northern Finnish winter tourism centers (Pamela Lesser/AC UoL)
D5.2 CS1 Model Information Utilization Report, (Ilona Mettiainen/AC UoL)
D5.3 CS1 Assessment Methodology Report, (Ilona Mettiainen/AC UoL)
D5.7 CS2 End-user requirements report (Joan Ballester/ISGlobal)
D5.11 CS3 Requirements specifications report (Øivin Aarnes/DNV)
D5.16 CS4 Report on Marine Fisheries Climate services workshop (Mark Payne/DTU AQUA)
D5.20 CS5 Arctic stakeholder Map (Kathrin Stephen/IASS)

D6.1 First Joint workshop to (re)formulate open research questions of joint interest “Tipping Elements in the Climate System, with a Focus on the North Atlantic” (Gerard McCarthy/NOC)

D7.1 Structure and detailed tasks of the project office (Chiara Bearzotti/DMI)
D7.2 Risk register system and procedures (Chiara Bearzotti/DMI)
D7.3 Horizon 2020 FAIR Data Management Plan (DMP) (All WP leaders)
D7.4 Minutes from the first Annual Meeting (Chiara Bearzotti/DMI)

D8.1 Communication and dissemination plan: Matrix update (Raeanne Miller/SRSL)
D8.2 Intranet for internal communication (Chiara Bearzotti)
D8.3 Project website (Chiara Bearzotti/DMI & Euan Paterson/SAMS)
D8.5 Presence at SOS 2016 for networking and visibility Sustainable Ocean Summit (Christine Valentin, Julia Tasse/WOC & Chiara Bearzotti/DMI))
D8.4 Communication and Dissemination Plan (Thomas Dale/CKIC and many others)
D8.6 Programme on Professional Development (Raeanne Miller/SRSL and many others)
D8.7 Societal Engagement Group Knowledge Exchange 1 (Chiara Bearzotti/DMI and Raeanne Miller/SRSL)
D8.12 Exploitation plan (Chiara Bearzotti/DMI)