Annual Meeting 27-29 November 2018 Almada (PT)

The meeting will take place this time at a hotel, the Hotel Tryp Lisboa Caparica Mar. Located in Costa da Caparica (south of Lisbon, close to the city of Almada).

This time we are meeting in a hotel: Hotel Tryp Lisboa Caparica Mar, Av. Gen. Humberto Delgado 47, 2829-506 Costa da Caparica, Portugal

Target audience
This is an event for the Blue-Action community only (consortium partners).

This is an internal meeting for coordinating the activities in the work packages and across the work packages for the next 12 months and elaborate on the feedback of the EC reviewers on our first progress report

DRAFT Agenda
The Annual Meeting will take place on 27-28-29 November 2018 in Costa da Caparica (PT).

Tue 27 November 2018
From 9am to 5pm: Science talks more conference style (full day).
5pm-6pm: Brainstorming session
7pm: Joint dinner in the evening.

Wed 28 November 2018
From 9am to 2pm: Full day for the breakout sessions. Each breakout session: focussing on the work in progress in each WP.
Coffee break and moving rooms. Each CS gets a room.
From 3pm to 6pm: Each scientist of the WP1-WP4 pick up a case study to join for the rest of the day and provide support to.

Thu 29 November 2018
From 9am to 12 (noon):
WP reporting in plenary on status
WP response to the review
Reporting duties: tracking of publications, tracking of dissemination, planning of dissemination
Important messages for the upcoming months

Ideas for the set-up:
• Session CKIC- CS (breakout) on spin offs idea and innovation scheme of the CKIC for the CS (Discussion 8 Oct 2018: Joan-Peter-Pernille)
• Analysis of the feedback of the review to be done on day 2 within the work packages (no file available yet)
• Suggestion for themes and then call for abstracts: excel list on Google?
• 2 Keynotes?
• Day 1 Presentations timed for: 15 minutes + 5 Q&A
• Day 1: Brainstorming session: last hour dedicated to an interaction between the CS all the other WPs: 10 min presentation of each CS on the following "Brainstorming for my CS: this is where we are heading to, who can help me in getting there and how?". To follow: note names and concepts on a A2 and hand them out for the breakouts sessions the next day.
• Each scientist of the WP1-WP4 pick up a CS to join on the Day 2 (orange slots)

Eventbrite tickets
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Block reservation for accommodation: expires on 15 October 2018!
Please book your accommodation direclty using the contact name below.
We made a block reservation for a special price for single rooms with breakfast for the participants. The conditions are listed below. Use the reference listed here below when you reserve directly at the hotel. Please do not forget to indicate the date of arrival and departure!
  • Rate: 70 Euro for a single room with breakfast, standard, run of house bedrooms – Non refundable. Double occupancy rooms have a 10€ supplement per night, per room.
  • Method of payment: Pre-payment at time of reservation. Extras to be settled upon check out. Payment can be made via credit card or bank transfer. Please send to the Hotel (contact person below) the details for the billing details.
  • Contact person at the hotel for the reservations: Sara Correia,
  • Reference for the booking: use the following wording to get the special price "Blue-Action – November 2018"
  • Do not forget to indicate the date of arrival and departure!

About Costa da Caparica
If you have no idea where Costa da Caparica is:
Plan to land at Lisbon airport: there are a number of transport services (trains, buses, taxis) from the airport to Costa da Caparica:
The Hotel is circa a 30 min drive from the Lisbon airport.