Reminder: Update the list of publications and dissemination

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 28 days ago

Dear all,
if in the next weeks you are getting too bored with Christmas, decorating, cooking, baking, eating and with family stuff...
here are two reminders for you :-)

List of dissemination activities: UPDATE please
Have you been involved in giving presentations/poster/talks related to Blue-Action in the past months?
If yes:
• Add information about your dissemination activity in our master table (new records at the bottom of the table):
• Add your presentation/poster to our Zenodo Blue-Action community (Click on NEW UPLOAD) if your materials are ready to be disclosed in open access.

List of publications: UPDATE please
We have listed there a number of papers under review, or submitted, please update their status.
If you have a new paper in preparation/submission/… please add it to the table.

Big thanks everyone!