New WP8 leader wanted for Blue-Action

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 3 months ago

Dear all,
Raeanne Miller, who has been leading our WP8 "Communication, Dissemination, Engagement and Exploitation", will be leaving for a new position at a university in Scotland very soon: we are very happy for her!

We are now looking for the best suitable candidate for this special leading position at SAMS Research Services Ltd. in Scotland. This is a full time position. Here is the link to the vacancy:

  • If you have possible candidates in mind, please tell them to apply directly for the position at SRSL. Should there be any question related to the role/tasks, please turn them to Chiara () or Steffen ()
  • Chiara will step in for Raeanne until the new WP8 lead is in place. Please turn all questions and requests for support to Chiara () until further notice.

Thank you for your help!

Your Project Office


Added by Kathrin Keil 3 months ago

Very sad Raeanne is leaving but of course all the best for her in the new job!

I spread the news about the job offer at SAMS.