New staff working in Blue-Action? Instructions

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 5 months ago

Have you recruited new staff in the project?
If yes, please pass them the following instructions:
The first three points in the list are mandatory actions.
The fourth is an option.

1) (mandatory!) Register in our intranet, the redmine. This is mandatory for everyone involved in Blue-Action: drop Chiara () a mail asking for instructions. Chiara is the project manager of Blue-Action.
2) (mandatory!) Indicate to Chiara in which WPs you will work: so we can add your name to the mailing lists of the specific work packages in the redmine WIKI. These are used by the WP leaders for the internal communication within the WPs. You do not know who is your WP leader or what is the structure of the WPs?
3) (mandatory!) Sign up for the Blue-Action newsletter to receive regular updates about the project: this is the link
4) If you are active on Twitter, please follow the Twitter account of Blue-Action: @BG10Blueaction

Thank you!
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