Instructions for Zenodo: upload to Blue-Action

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 7 months ago

Dear all,
Some of you have reported on problems in uploading documents in Zenodo Blue-Action community.

Please make sure you follow these steps:
1) Log into Zenodo: no login, no upload.
2) You need to go to the Upload community,
3) Choose file, it must be in PDF, max 50 GB, try to avoid long titles with spaces in between.
4) Click on “Start upload”,
5) Under “Progress” it should show the % of the upload: if you have troubles here and it gives you error, please try to upload the file another time/another day, the system seem to be under stress at the moment… If you are experiencing technical problems, please do not send messages to me, but contact Zenodo directly:
6) When everything (all fields) are completed, click on "Publish".
7) As a curator, I will receive a message that a new record has been added to the Blue-Ac tion community and I will be asked to “approve” it. Thus it is not automatic that you see the record as soon as you upload it.

Thank you so much!
Kind regards,