Deadlines for your inputs to the Progress Report

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 6 months ago

Dear partners,
this is a very important message related to our first Progress Report to the European Commission.
Read carefully the instructions below!
This reporting includes a progress (activity) and a financial report. The reporting period covers the period 1 Dec 2016-31 May 2018 (month 1 to month 18).

Activity report
This consists of a three component:
a) Description of the activities implemented at TASK level, full track of work done/objectives achieved/impacts achieved in terms of deliverables, milestones: Give evidence of what has been done, achieved, and long-term planning. Please do not repeat the content of the Deliverables/Milestones in the documents again, just refer to them, they will also be made available to the reviewers.
b) The full list of dissemination activities at WP level this means each WP should report on the progress achieved PER TASKS on the first 18 months with links to the Zenodo records where the presentations have been uploaded (Are they in Zenodo They have to! If not, please check out these guidelines: Wiki> Use of Zenodo)
c) Update of the data management plan at WP level. The document was drafted in month 3, this version need to updated now. This is to be updated.
Submission: WP leaders collect the information from the partners on implementation of tasks, dissemination activities of the PIs, data management and send the report to Coordination.
Internal deadline to deliver the draft to the coordination by 15 June 2018 to the Project Office (Chiara).
Template available in the redmine (WIKI>European Commission Review)

Financial report
A full financial report for each partner organization is due to the EC by 31 July 2018. The reporting period covers the period 1 Dec 2016-31 May 2018 (month 1 to month 18).
Submission by each partner organisation (financial officers) to Coordinator via the Participant Portal by this deadline.
Deadline for delivery to the EC is by 31 July 2018 at the latest!
Templates in the Participant Portal.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you are in doubt!
Kind regards,