Redmine and Zenodo for Blue-Action

Added by Chiara Bearzotti 9 months ago

Dear all,

We need to improve the tracking of what we do in our project, in terms of events we organise/contribute to and in terms of dissemination.

  • Do you have presentations or posters acknowledging Blue-Action? Please upload them directly in Zenodo!
    We do not use our website or the redmine as an archive for dissemination, we use Zenodo!
    How to upload your dissemination materials there:
    1. Go to to this link
    2. Log in (with GitHubor ORCID or create a new account)
    3. Go to the UPLOAD URL:
    4. Follow the instructions & complete all the fields.
      At the end of the process, Zenodo will notify Chiara about your new record linked to the Blue-Action community: Chiara has to approved it in order to add it to the Blue-Action collection.
      What kind of items we all need to upload in Zenodo? See the picture here attached with the list.

Kind regards,

Zenodo.docx (15.4 KB) Zenodo.docx Chiara Bearzotti, 2018-03-08 19:08