Disseminating Blue-Action? Pls share materials

REMINDER: share your presentations/posters with the teams and help us tracking dissemination activities
Added by Chiara Bearzotti 10 months ago

Dear Blue-Action teams,
I know some of you have been very active in disseminating Blue-Action.
Please share your presentations and poster with the Blue-Action teams and help us in tracking your dissemination activities for the European Commission

How to?
Go to the page linked above, click on the pencil symbol on the upper right corner of the page. A new page will open: At the bottom of the page you will now find the button "Choose files", use that to upload you files from your drives.

Have you been to other meetings and these do not appear in our calendar?
Our calendar is available here If you do not find an event where you have been, please tell us and we can set up a page where you can upload you presentation and information on the meeting. Do not send us the presentations, we set up the page for you and you upload information there directly.

Thank you!
Kind regards,
Chiara & Raeanne