D4.1 Selected baseline prediction data for impact studies


During the course of the project, it was realized that the data needed by the WP5 case studies can also be provided by the WP1 “Improving seasonal long range forecast skill of risks for hazardous weather and climate events” and not only by the WP4 “Enhancing the capacity of seasonal‐to‐decadal predictions in the Arctic and over the Northern Hemisphere”.
This was realized at the kick‐off meeting, when the timescales of interest emerged. Since WP`1 focuse on the subseasonal to seasonal scale, and both of the forecast systems used in WP1 (that is the CMCCsystem and the MPI‐ESM based system) offer initialized hindcast experiments from (sub)seasonal to decadal, all case studies focusing on seasonal predictability established connections to WP1 at the kick‐off meeting.
That is why this deliverable has now seen the broader interaction of several teams in WP1 and WP5 as well.
This deliverable indicates how the five case studies have received data from WP1/WP4 and how these data are currently being used for the implementation of the activities in each case study.
  • 1. Winter tourism centers in Finland
  • 2. Temperature‐related human mortality in European regions
  • 3. Extreme weather risks to maritime activities
  • 4. Climate services for marine fisheries
  • 5. Russian Arctic resource extraction
    More information on these case studies can be found here:


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