Vilena Valeeva, International Conference on Arctic Science: Bringing Knowledge to Action, Reston, Virginia (USA), 24-27 April 2017


Author/participant Representative Blue-Action: Vilena Valeeva (IASS)
Organisers: Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), whose work is conducted according to a mandate determined by the Arctic Council Ministers and Senior Arctic Officials & EU-PolarNet
Venue and Agenda:

Conference Objective
The 2017 International Conference on Arctic Science: Bringing Knowledge to Action will: Bring together diverse expert communities ranging from scientists to decision-makers in order to identify, explore and create mechanisms and venues where science and knowledge can inform the development of policies and decision-making.
The Conference will provide a venue for dialogue, discussions and networking. It will creatively promote timely and effective response to the increasingly clear need to translate science to knowledge and the subsequent transformation of this and other forms of knowledge into actions. It is these actions that support and enhance all forms of decision-making and public policy at all relevant scales providing the foundation for successful adaptation and ultimately sustainability of natural and human resources.

The Conference builds off of a wide range of existing work in the Arctic in addition to numerous new scientific reports including:
• Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic (AACA)
• Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic(SWIPA) Contaminants of Emerging Arctic Concern (CEAC)
• Economy of the North 2015 (ECONOR)
• State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Assessment Report (SAMBR)


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