How to grant open access to papers?

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Blue-Action scientists ensure that electronic copies of peer-reviewed scientific publications become freely available to anyone as soon as possible and in all cases no later than six months after publication. This is what is indicated in our grant agreement with the EC.
As a general rule, we will privilege Open Access Journals for publishing our articles.

Authors will avoid signing any copyright agreements with publishers that do not allow them to fulfil the EC Open Access requirement.

Golden OA
If, for any reason, our scientists prefer to publish their articles in journal which are not Open Access Journals, authors will pay the extra fee for fulfilling the EC Open Access requirement, opting thus for the so called Golden OA option.
The publisher will provide open access to the article and the authors can deposit it immediately in open repositories. The authors will send a copy of the publication to the project office, for its publication on the project website and for dissemination within the consortium.

Green OA
If the Golden OA is considered too expensive for the budget of the partner, or if it is not offered by the chosen publisher, the Green OA option will be applied. In this case, authors deposit their final manuscript or the published article in an institutional or subject-based repository. In this case, the publisher's policy allows the author to archive the final manuscript in a repository, before peer review (pre-print version) or after peer-review (post-print version). In order to apply this option, authors will first retain their copyright and provide the publisher with a license to publish, instead of signing a simple copyright transfer agreement (CTA).

Articles will be made available:
1) in the institutional repository of the institutes where the authors work. Scientists will provide communication to the project office with indication of the open repository used;
2) in the subject repository for the specific topic of the article, when available;
3) on OpenAIRE [[]];
4) On Zenodo [[]];
4) on the Blue-Action website [[]].